The Magic Death Multimedia CD


by Shannon Gilligan (Author)

This multimedia CD-ROM combines more than 100 minutes of full-motion color video, sound, and animation to present a murder case that players attempt to solve in the shortest time possible. What’s more, the game offers several different possible outcomes, each with a different killer.” “This time, computer-game detectives encounter the murder of a young woman in her apartment. Smeared chicken blood, a dead chicken, strange symbols, and other trappings of voodoo clutter the crime scene. You’ve got six hours to solve the case.” “The Magic Death does well at illustrating the tools and complexities of murder investigation. It uses sound and video to help you play. But you’ll need your own smarts and sleuthing instincts. If you are particularly good solving murder mysteries, there are two other versions of the game waiting for a solution.” This Windows 3.1 program will run in Windows 95/98 at 640×480 with 256 colors if you start your existing Quicktime Movie Player before starting the program. Note: DO NOT allow the program to install Quicktime 1.0.

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