Monster 126701 Component Video Cables (6 feet)


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  • Low-loss component video cable for high quality picture.
  • Multi-stranded, all-copper construction for improved overall video performance.
  • 4-cut 24k gold RCA Connectors for maximum conductivity.
  • 24k gold contacts and patented 6-cut Turbine RCA connectors
  • Measures 6 feet long

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2 meter Monster Video® 1 Component Video Cable

From the Manufacturer

Improved Performance Component Video Cable with High-Density Double Shielding for Maximum Video Performance from Today’s DVD Players, Satellite Receivers, and TVs with Component Video Connections

Today’s High Resolution Home Theater Components Need a Higher Performance Cable
DVD players, satellite receivers, TVs, and A/V receivers with component video connections are increasingly more common. And, with its potentially stunning picture quality, component video is the highest preferred connection. But if you want the best possible picture form your component video, you need a high resolution component video cable. Unfortunately, ordinary cables have inferior shielding and flimsy construction that may cause signal degradation, snow, and double image “ghosting.”

MonsterVideo 1 Component Video Delivers the Sharpest, Clearest Picture Possible
Monster Video 1 low-loss component video (MV1CV) offers improved performance for the best possible picture. MV1CV features a dual foil and high-purity, high-density braided copper shielding to reject interference that can cause ghosting or a snow picture. A low-density structured foam dielectric ensures low-loss video signal transfer, so your picture has minimal imperfections.

Don’t Compromise Your Video Performance
Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Monster Video 1 component video offers the highest manufacturing quality and best possible picture at a very affordable price.