7/8 teams were playoff contenders

He and my mom are on a cruise for her 50th birthday and seeing the joy they having on this trip makes my heart happy. I got to plan her surprise birthday party with him earlier this month and the happiness he took from that is something that rubbed off on me. My mom likes to make the comment that, for us not being at all biologically related, I very much my step dad son.

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Do you not realize how ridiculously front loaded our schedule was this year. We played 3/4 opponents from each division along with both non division opponents all in the beginning. 7/8 teams were playoff contenders. California used to be a reliably GOP state, voting for almost every Republican since FDR. Then, Wilson had a strong challenge from Kathleen Brown (Jerry sister), so he decided to go hard right on immigration. He supported Prop 187 (a verification system to keep undocumented immigrants from using public schools and other state services) and released ads showing mobs of people running across the border.

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