Whereas when I played domestically

additional info Demographics and stuff, Florida didn really have many people living in it before the 1920s and really didn start to boom until well after WWII.(Florida was 32nd out of 42 states in the 1890 census and is now 3rd out of 50, would probably be around 50th out of 50 if not for AC.) For total population the state has a history much more like the West than it does the South or East Coast. Also, TIL 0>152. I really want to know where you got that the US navy was superior, it nothing I heard of anywhere.

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For all I know, /u/kyleofduty simply ended up having his brother go to a shitty camp. I did not argue that no Christian camps approach things with a skewed morality anecdotally I know that to be untrue. I simply disagree with his notion that he knows what religious camps do because he obviously has a warped view on it since his language reflects absolutes..

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He said there would be an audit of defense spending to come and I am dying for that to happen. Totally with you there. We spend money on defense like a crack whore spends buying crack. And the Dems and Republicans switched platforms around the time big business in the Northeast got their fix. Republicans were really into big railroads, big infrastructure investment, etc. Until they got everything they needed and then it became all about small hands off government.

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