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So What can Cyclists do to improve their chances of being safe? The first thing is to never ride without good lights front and rear. It astounds me how many cyclists I see at night, with inadequate lighting, or worse no lights at all. There is a huge range of lights available, from the very bad to the extremely good.

canada goose jackets click here A woman pulled from rising water in a low lying area between those mountains and Los Angeles had a heart attack and died at a hospital, said Capt. Ryan Rolston with the Corona Fire Department. The unidentified woman was one of nine people and three dogs rescued in a flood control channel where homeless people camp, Rolston said..

While kayaking is not unusual in the United States, it is in northern Italy. is the only company that regularly does organized trips here. During the week, I see a couple of random lakeside outfitters with “kayak rentals” signs but don’t see any boats I’d feel comfortable taking out. I know I definitely been more careful lately because of this.Men want to eat their cake and have it too. We need to put ourselves first and loudly say NO, I will not risk my life for your pleasure.rainbowxthunder 4 points submitted 2 days agoThank you never seen it but it notorious for having nude scenes of 12yo Brooke, who was also naked in Blue Lagoon.Sarandon has been directly involved in the production of child pornography. She can shut the fuck up.IIRC Brooke Shields mother was an alcoholic momager who pimped out her daughter entire childhood.

New Wave is sketchy as shit. My friends toured a place with New Wave where the relator said it was $2,400 for a one bedroom and when her mom called to check on the place she called the management company and it turns out it was actually $2,300 and the relator was going to just skim the $100 off the top every month because they would have paid through New Wave. Avoid them at all fucking costs if you can.

One of the greatest sources of dutch cultural immersion experience i have had is the Dutch Men’s squash league i joined. As a member of the Varsity squash team at Colby, i am fortunate to be able to study abroad, however, as i miss the beginning of our season, it is crucial that i keep my game up. So, knowing this, upon my arrival in August, i joined a squash club, met a coach, and he recommended some younger guys and a dutch league i could participate in.

Effective segmentation can also reveal underexploited opportunities within your customer base. By “de averaging” your customers and prospects, you can often find hidden pools of profit that could be more fully exploited. A great starting point for this sort of analysis is to identify segments that are willing to choose your product over others, or that are willing to pay more for the bundle of needs and wants that your product represents.

It about giving people a reason to do what they do want to do. Watch and learn. Picked up a spoon and tinkled it against his glass. No need for a secret data breach, a Russian bot or a covert algorithm to transform a million personal psychological profiles into malleable wads of catatonic dough. All it takes is a couple of viral videos, churning green activists and a willing mass media. Is this CBC News? I have a video here of a plastic straw being extracted from the nose of sea turtle.

Coal to the lack of transparency regarding an otherwise welcome development in downtown Wilkes Barre: the new hotel and convention center planned for the corner of Northampton and South Main streets. Diamond within this coal to city Councilman Tony Brooks for pushing for more information on the construction plans related to historic facades that are supposed to be preserved. This doesn have to become a battle, it should become a cooperation by both sides to get the hotel built while keeping promises made when it was first proposed, and more transparency can accomplish that..

The Art Garden Fall Festival on Saturday, October 3, is a great time to visit Gardens of the Big Bend. Join us that day and discover creative ways to explore visual art and the art of gardening through demonstrations and fun activities for the whole family. Speak with experts about all your gardening questions or purchase unusual, hard to find, top performing plants for our area.

Samsung on Thursday announced a pair of new ISOCELL pixel image sensors that will likely find their inside the company’s future phones, paving the way for higher resolution and sharper photographs. One of them, the 64 megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1, could end up in the company’s flagship Galaxy S11 next year. The other ISOCELL addition is a 48 megapixel ISOCELL Bright GM2.

Beside her best selling items, “El Hayat” and “The Coins,” her iconic bag decorated with 50 piaster coins, Basha also specializes in clutch bags, which unlike tote bags, are not a modern invention. Women used them already at the end of the medieval period. Clutch bags were very popular during the 19th century but died out at the turn of the 20th century.

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